December 10 is the International Day of Human Rights

10 December 2018
"I congratulate every citizen of Georgia on the international day of human rights! The success of our country lies on the protection of human rights, respect of dignity and identity.

Georgia's wealth and strength are in its ethnic and religious diversity. The most important task of each member of our society is protection of human rights and equality in the country. We already made many steps in this direction and we have much more plans ahead.

However, the continued occupation and the unresolved conflict causes the violation of fundamental human rights and is severe challenge for the population, which connected to the ability to return to their homes, freedom of movement, access to land, education on native language etc. I would like to pay particular attention to them and note that we are trying to make every effort to improve the protection of their human rights and improve humanitarian situation", - Ketevan Tsikhelashvili