Tea Akhvlediani: 10-Year State Strategy for Civic Equality and Integration developed and approved

4 August 2021

“State policy towards civic equality and integration is defined by three dimensions. These are the strategic development of the country, the goals of sustainable development and Georgia’s European choice.

Recently, the Government of Georgia approved a new state strategy for 2021 - 30, with ambitious, medium and long-term goals aimed at strengthening an equal and democratic society, where all citizens of Georgia, regardless of their ethnicity, are provided by the state for full participation in all spheres of public life. Equal opportunities for professional development will be created.

To achieve these long-term and irreversible positive changes, we have identified five interrelated policy priorities:

State language to support integration;

Access to quality education;

Equality, civic and political participation;

Social and economic integration;

Intercultural dialogue”.