Parliament committees at the joint sitting heard the State Minster Tea Akhvlediani

15 March 2024

The Interim Territorial Integrity and the De-occupation Commission and the Sector Economy and Economic Policy Committee heard the State Minister for Reconciliation and Civic Equality, Tea Akhvlediani, reporting in camera about the reconciliation and engagement state policy, including the peace-building initiative “Step to a Better Future”, as well as the activity of the Peace Fund within the initiative.

“At today’s session of the Temporary Parliamentary Commission, we had the opportunity to discuss in depth the results of the reconciliation and engagement policy, as well as the vision of the further development of peace initiatives, which was held by the actors interested in the process, including the participation of representatives of the private sector and civil society.

It is important that the results and the progress we talked about today were achieved in the reality of the difficulties created in the background of the ongoing illegal Russian occupation in Georgia. It should be noted here that a special emphasis was placed on the operation of the status-neutral mechanisms introduced by the peace initiatives, including the activities of the Peace Fund, which is considered one of the truly unique mechanisms of our policy”, - said Tea Akhvlediani.