Paata Zakareishvili met with Administrator of UNDP

18 თებერვალი 2013

First State Minister of Georgia for Reintegration, Ketevan Tsikhelashvili also attended the meeting.

"We met with the Minister and discussed the work that UNDP has been able to do with the populations, the affected areas, particularly Abkhazia. We obviously have had a possession of trust to be able to work in the complete affected areas and we’re looking to tighter work beyond humanitarian assistance to work on the early recovery issues improving people’s living conditions. We are really focused on human security and community development. UNDP is a development agency, it’s not a political agency, but we are very focused on well-being of people and I think that part is very much appreciated by the Minister. The Minister has a very deep knowledge of situation in the affected areas as long as he is working on them and we are very pleased to be able to talk to him and get his perspective as well.", - Helen Clark told reporters after the meeting.

Paata Zakareishvili drew attention to the importance of UNDP activities in the occupied territories.

"It can be said with confidence that since August 2008 when Russia managed to expel international organizations out of the conflict regions the only organization that has continued working effectively is the UNDP. United Nations Development Programme manages implementation of projects in the entire territory of Georgia. Its activities are relatively restricted in South Ossetia, but UNDP works effectively in Abkhazia and in the rest of Georgia. There are many projects implemented by this organization, in which representatives of the Abkhaz, Georgian and - to a less extent - South Ossetian civil society organizations are involved", - said Paata Zakareishvili.