Mr. Paata Zakareishvili Travelled to the Dividing Line

3 მაისი 2014

During the meetings, the population spoke to the Minister about existed problems. Specifically, the locals asked the Minister for his support to the solution of irrigation and potable water problems. The part of the population in village Zardiantkari asked for the assistance to the reconstruction of war-affected houses.

The State Minister spoke about the activities the Government carries out for the solution of these problems.

"We managed to issue monetary assistance to the population living in villages near the Dividing Line for wintertime, so they overcome this winter somehow lightly. Besides, the project design works for gasification are completed and we shall start working for the implementation of this project in near future. The state has also funded the tuition fees for the academic study for over 300 students. The problem of irrigation water is not yet ultimately settled, however I am sure that the living conditions will considerably improve by the end of the year. Our main goal is to accumulate storing for the population and ensure more or less favorable conditions for their living here", - the State Minister declared.

Mr. Paata Zakareishvili also spoke about the possible provocations and threats adjacent to the Dividing Line and urged the population for caution.