Geneva Talks - 19th Round

30 მარტი 2012

During the discussions, the Georgian side once again reiterated its call on the Russian Federation to reciprocate on the commitment not to use force, as well as requested to discuss the issue of establishment of international security and monitoring arrangements inside the occupied regions of Georgia. Georgian representatives also urged attention to the militarization of the regions and the recent security incidents. Along security, the Georgian side also raised humanitarian issues of concern, among them violation of human rights in the occupied regions, restrictions on the freedom of movement, crime and illegal detention of people, as well as the issue of creating conditions for safe and dignified return of the displaced persons.

In addition to the traditional issues, at the 19th round of Geneva Talks the Georgian delegation members informed the international community about the facts of vandalism on Georgian cultural monuments situated in the occupied regions and urged to study the issue with the help of international organizations.