33rd Round of International Discussions in Geneva

7 October 2015
“The issue was a subject to serious discussion and the co-chairs expressed their full support for our positions. It was noted that the current situation is inacceptable and there is a need for solution to protect the rights of the local population,” - Mrs. Ketevan Tsikhelashvili declared, adding that Working Group on Humanitarian Issues discussed all issues drafted by the agenda. “We have discussed the issue of return of IDPs with the participation of all official delegations. Even though the issue of return of IDPs is constantly politicized, it will remain as one of the central topics at the Working Group on Humanitarian Issues. Besides, we urged our international partners to give impetus to the elaboration of legal and humanitarian aspects of the process, in order to proceed on implementation after so many rounds. The return of IDPs is principally important for Georgian side and we shall continue our active work in future, respectively. We have also discussed the problem of barbed wire fences near the dividing line and demanded access to lands for the local population. Protection of cultural heritage was among the topics discussed, noting that we should involve international organizations, including UNESCO, in this process. Environmental problems were also discussed,” – the First Deputy State Minister declared. 33rd Round of International Discussions took place on 6-7 October in Geneva.