Board of Jury Announced the Winners of the Photo Competition “Diversity of our Country"

14 November 2016
The Photo Competition “Diversity of our Country" dedicated to the International Day for Tolerance has

drawn to conclusion, with Jury announcing 13 best photos.

The following photos claimed victory: “Soloist of Azerbaijani Children’s group” A frontman of

Azerbaijani Children’s ensemble, Author by Ala Bezhentseva; apprentice artworks in the”Pupil artworks,

“House of Future” “House of Future,” by Author Armen Grigoryan; “Village Gorelovka”, Author by

Boris Karslyan; “A kid at Baiyrami celebration in Batumi”, Author by Edo Mzhavanadze; “Graduation in

Maradisi School”, Author by Giorgi Dundua; “Armenian youngsters in Avlabari”, Author by Inga

Amirkhanyan; “Village Gorelovka”, Authorby Gvantsa Iriauli; “Armenian baking”read cookery, Author

by Kristina Marabyan; Marketplace in Gardabani center, Azerbaijani women, by “Azerbaijani men in

Gardabani”, Author Lali Shengelia; “Kids in village Kumurdo”, Author by Nino Kiladze; “Technician”,

Ninotsminda youth center; “Pportrait”, Author by Shushan Shirinyan; “Roma kid in village Gachiani”,

Author by Tamar Lukava.

Under the financial support of USAID and UN Association in Georgia (UNAG), the winners were

awarded with GEL 500 gift vouchers, in frames of the “Promoting Integration, Tolerance and Awareness

Program.” The winners will be invited at the official reception of the State Minister’s Office, to be held

on 16 November, on the occasion of the International Day for Tolerance. Reception will host an

exhibition, representing the finest pics. Same photos will compose 2017 desk calendars.

Board of Jury comprised representatives from the Office of the State Minister for Reconciliation and

Civic Equality, Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection, Public Defender’s Office and the UN

Association in Georgia.