Apart from the scholarships offered by various universities worldwide to the students from Georgia, the students have the possibility to select themselves the university of their preference either in Europe, US or in any country, apply directly, get the submission and seek for the scholarship afterwards. A number of students from Georgia willing to continue education abroad specifically at their favorite university of the most desirable country choose to go this way. The most popular universities among Georgian students are:

Central European University (Hungary) –
University of Tartu (Estonia) -
Leiden University (Netherlands) -
College of Europe (Poland) -
King’s College London (UK) -
University of Edinburg (UK)
University of Essex (UK) -
Masaryk University (Czech Republic) -
Bremen University (Germany) -
Free University of Berlin (Germany) - /
University of Latvia (Latvia) -
Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium) -
Harvard University (USA) -
Columbia University (USA) -
Georgetown University (USA) -

Students who have applied directly to the university of their choice and received a positive reply/admission have an opportunity to get the relevant scholarship/funding from the GoG.

With the aim of providing the MA and PhD education opportunities in leading European and US Universities to the residents of the country, inter alia the persons living in the occupied territories of Georgia, an International Education Center (IEC) was established in May 2014 under the Prime-Minister of Georgia.

The Center accepts the applications from persons living in Georgian regions of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region/South Ossetia holding an ID or status neutral document who are willing to continue the study abroad and will finance their education. With this aim the persons concerned are eligible each year to submit an application and enclosed documents certifying the admission to any foreign university online, via IEC website, The Center considers the applications and grants full or partial scholarships that cover all necessary costs related to tuition, travelling and living abroad.