Mr. Paata Zakareishvili Met with Sheikh Ramin Igidov

21 იანვარი 2014

Following the meeting, Mr. Paata Zakareishvili noted that Mr. Ramin Igidov has been recently elected by the Religious Council of Shiites in the Georgian Muslims Administration.

"The Council has elected a person, appropriate for the majority of the Shiite community of Georgia, which is an important step. I would like to wish him success and express the support of our Government; the interests of our citizens are important for us and it is essential to observe the freedom of their confession", - Mr. Paata Zakareishvili declared.

Mr. Ramin Igidov spoke about the importance of the state support.

"We work to solve problems for each Muslim and to observe their rights. I would like to thank the Government, as Georgia exercises the religious freedom and supports it", - Mr. Ramin Igidov declared.