Memorial Event in National Library

23 თებერვალი 2013

The event - "13 Years of Homelessness and the Road from Khaibakh to Samashki Passed with Suffer" was held with the organizational support of the Office of State Minister of Georgia for Reintegration and the Fund Integration of the Caucasus Peoples.

The meeting was attended by the representatives of the Government of Georgia as well as representatives of various NGOs and international organizations, representatives of cultural and science communities, Chechen refugees living in Georgia, Kists from Pankisi and delegations of Chech and Ingush peoples from Turkey, Azerbaijan and EU countries.

At the event, State Minister of Georgia for Reintegration made a speech and said that it is remarkable that honoring the victims of genocide is happening in Tbilisi and that Georgia will continue its course of good neighborly and cooperative relations with the peoples of Caucasus.

In their speeches, the guests also talked about vandalism, which peoples of North Caucasus suffered during the mass eviction.

At the event a documentary film on the eviction process was shown. Famous Georgian poets read their rhymes dedicated to this tragedy.

On 23 February, 1944, during one day and night, by the order of the Soviet Government, Chechen and Ingush people, charged with cooperation with Germany, were driven out from their land and sent into exile in the Central Asian countries. Half of the Vainakh population died during this event. In 2004, the European Parliament officially recognized this eviction as an act of genocide of Chechen and Ingush peoples.