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Tea Akhvlediani held a meeting with Kelly…
The Minister of State informed the US Ambassador about the progress in the strategic review of the state policy of reconciliation and engagement. The parties discussed the priority directions of the mentioned process and future visions, which was the main goal of the meeting. Tea Akhvlediani and Kelly Degnan agreed to continue close cooperation within the framework of the strategic review, as well as on other topical issues within the agency’s competence.  
Tea Akhvlediani holds remote meeting with…
Tea Akhvlediani stressed the special role of the European Union and the importance of its active involvement in the process of peaceful settlement of the conflict in Georgia. The State Minister briefed the EU Special Representative on the process of Strategic Review of the State Reconciliation and Engagement Policy, updated priorities and visions, which was the main purpose of the meeting.
State Minister Tea Akhvlediani congratulates…
This is the main message today, with which, at the initiative of the Government of Georgia, is celebrating our national holiday, to which I cordially congratulate the whole of Georgia”.
Tea Akhvlediani meets the Special Representative…
Tea Akhvlediani stressed the importance of the strong support of the Assembly for the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Georgia, and highlighted the relevant resolutions approved in support of Georgia.  
Statement of the Office of State Minister
Effective control of the Russian Federation over Georgia’s occupied regions and its responsibility for the violations of human rights on the ground are clearly attested in the Judgment of the European Court of Human Rights of 21 January, 2021.  
Tea Akhvlediani meets Toivo Klaar
The current situation in the occupied regions of Georgia, including in the humanitarian issues and human rights, as well as the implementation of the Georgian Government’s peace policy and future visions were discussed at the meeting.  
Tea Akhvlediani meets the Ambassador of…
The focus was on a strategic review of the state policy of engagement, which aims to make substantial progress in the process of reconciliation between artificially divided societies through confidence-building, engagement and dialogue, based on new visions, goals and priorities.  
Tea Akhvlediani met with Nick Beresford,…
The State Minister reiterated the importance of the role and active involvement of UNDP in the peaceful resolution of the conflict, including reconciliation and the restoration of confidence between the artificially divided communities.  
State Minister for Reconciliation and Civic…
The State Minister honored the memory of Archil Tatunashvili and laid a wreath at his grave. Today is 4 years since Tatunashvili’s murder. Tea Akhvlediani once again expressed her condolences to the family members of the hero and promised full support on behalf of the Government. Mtskheta-Mtianeti State Representative David Nozadze and Akhalgori Governor Nugzar Tinikashvili paid tribute to the memory of Archil Tatunashvili together with the State Minister.